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Should I Remodel My Kitchen?

Knowing whether or not it is time to remodel your kitchen can be a difficult question for most homeowners to answer. Expert North Georgia kitchen remodeling professional Tracy Tesmer takes a look at some questions you can ask yourself when determining whether or not you should undertake a kitchen remodel […]

How to Hire a Bathroom Remodeler

In this blog post, North Georgia bathroom remodeler, Tracy Tesmer Design/Remodeling discusses how to hire a restroom remodel professional and tells you what type of questions you should ask before allowing anyone to begin construction in your home.

3 Questions to Ask Before a Bathroom Remodel

You have been thinking about remodeling your bathroom for a while now, have saved all your pennies, and have the number of a reputable bathroom remodeler. Before you dial, however, there are some serious questions you should ask yourself before undertaking your bathroom project.

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