19 Secrets to Top Home Remodeling – The Wrap Up

Over the past 5 months, I have been regularly posting tips on how to avoid hiring sub-par or less-than-professional remodelers to have a successful home remodeling experience.  Now that all 19 of my “Secrets” have been posted, I’d like to take the opportunity this week to house them all in one place for easy access.  Without further ado…

19 Secrets to Top Home Remodeling

Games Contractors Play To Win Your Business:

  1. Offering “Today Only” Discounts
  2. Using High Pressure Sales
  3. Working the Neighborhood
  4. Saying Yes to Everything (Until they get your check)
  5. Playing the Image Game
  6. Low-Balling the Price
  7. Not Buying a License
  8. We Can Start Next Week

How Contractors Cut Costs & Increase Profit:

  1. Not Having Proper Insurance
  2. Sorry, Clean Up is Extra
  3. Hiring Inexperienced Workers
  4. Using Cheap Materials
  5. Offering a Poor Warranty
  6. Starting Too Many Projects
  7. Ignoring Permits
  8. Blaming Suppliers for Delays
  9. Changing the Dream
  10. Encountering Lots if Unforeseen Problems
  11. Leaving You Exposed to Leins

How to Hire a Remodeler:

  1. Telephone Interview
  2. First Face-to-Face Meeting
  3. 22 Important Remodeler Reference Check Questions to Ask Other Homeowners

If you every have any questions on the process, or have doubts about a remodeler that is currently working on a project for you, feel free to give Tracy Tesmer a call.