5 Great Home Remodeling and DIY Resources

Here are some great home remodeling and DIY sites for anyone planning a construction project in their home.

One thing we always recommend to our North Georgia remodeling clients and anyone else considering a remodel or renovation project, is that they perform their due diligence and conduct some research before having anyone actually perform work on their home. The reason is simple: an informed buyer is a smart buyer, and we want anyone undertaking a construction project – no matter the size – to do so in a smart manner.

Just as you would not purchase a stock on the stock market without conducting some research (hopefully!), you should never perform home remodeling without at least a little knowledge going in. Even though you most likely won’t be performing the actual construction work, you should still know enough that you can effectively communicate with your design/build firm. This helps you get your key points across and eliminates any costly – from a budget and time perspective – miscommunications.

Some of this information is pretty easy to find. Thanks to the ever-friendly Internet, all you really need to know is a quick web address away. However, just like any other data repository, the Internet is full of poorly written articles and bad advice. To help you navigate some of the home remodeling and DIY clutter out there, here are some great resources for anyone undertaking a home remodel, renovation or home addition – or even just a simple handyman or DIY project.

Home Remodeling and DIY Websites

If you follow us on social media, you have no doubt seen us repost material from some of the sites listed below – and with good reason: they offer great advice (hence their inclusion on our blog post today). One of the sites we tend to focus on a lot is DIY Network (www.DIYNetwork.com). This site is a companion to the television channel of the same name, but it is much more than just a place where you can catch past episodes or find out information about your favorite hosts. It is also a repository of some great home improvement how-to articles and advice by some serious professionals in the biz.

Similar in name, but lacking the television channel backing, is DoItYourself (www.doityourself.com). Alongside the usual home remodeling tips and DIY project guides, the website also boasts its own forum section where you can chat and discuss home improvement topics with other like-minded individuals. Have a question or want to share some DIY advice? This is the place to ask it!

We would be remiss if we left this next one off the list of great home remodeling websites: Houzz (www.houzz.com). In addition to the plethora of home renovation advice and DIY tips, this construction resource has an amazing array of photos (nearly 10 million in total) showing all manner of home design and remodeling projects. If you only visit one website on our list, make it Houzz – you won’t regret it!

If you like solid writing with a personality mixed in with your home improvement advice – and if you want to help bridge the gap between women and power tools – DIY Diva (www.diydiva.net) is a great place to start. Here you can follow the home remodeling adventures of “Kit,” as she tackles all manner of DIY projects for the home.

Finally, we couldn’t make this list complete if we did not mention our very own blog (https://tracytesmerremodeling.com/blog/), where we publish articles covering every topic imaginable in the world of construction: home improvement, kitchen remodeling, bathroom renovation, home design tips, and much, much more!