Bathrooms remain most popular home remodeling projects

Bathrooms trends have been consistent over the past several years, and bathrooms, especially master baths, continue to be one of the most desired rooms to remodel. Everyone is looking to create more functional, but still beautiful, timeless spaces. Ways to do this are swapping out builder-grade materials for more durable options, and making the space more conducive to aging in place. There are lots of ways to make your space feel like your own.

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas


For tile, there are so many unique options to choose from, whether you want a stone, brick, marble, or concrete look, there is something for everyone. In bathrooms, we tend to steer clients away from natural stones, like real marble, because of their high porosity and high maintenance. Instead, go for a porcelain option that is durable and doesn’t require any re-sealing. There are also lots of porcelain options with some texture which will help add slip resistance. Choose these options, as opposed to polished tile, when planning for aging in place.


When it comes to color, gray has continued to decline in popularity, with a move toward warmer tones and even some color.  Beige, taupe, and other warm neutrals are back in style, along with earth-tones like greens, terracotta, yellows, and blues. Don’t be afraid of bringing some color into your space, even just as an accent that’s easily changed out when you get tired of it. In smaller spaces like bathrooms, stick with lighter color choices to help the space feel larger and more open. 


Another trend we’ve continued seeing everywhere is warmer wood accents. Of course, the most popular place we see this is in cabinetry; a stained finish on a modern door style gives a sleek, updated look. We also see wood accents in the form of shower seats, stools, or bathmats, typically made from teak or acacia wood that holds up well to moisture. You can bring in the wood look in the form of floor tile, as well. 

When it comes to cabinetry, if you watch home shows or follow any designers online, you’ll see that there is a trend toward more furniture-like pieces, as opposed to the builder-grade, built-in style of cabinetry. If your style is more traditional, something with legs, feet, and even some open shelving would work great. If you like more of a modern look, consider a floating vanity cabinet. Again, warmer wood tones are dominating in cabinetry right now because they work great with all types of tile options.

Mirrors & Lighting

In bathrooms, one thing I encourage clients to be open to are unique vanity mirrors and lighting. These items can really make a statement and help define the style of the space. There are practically an infinite number of options out there so look to a design professional to guide you to the correct size and look to balance your space. If you’re on a budget and still have the plate glass builder-grade mirrors, adding a frame is a simple upgrade. This will help elevate your space and make it feel more custom.  

When it comes to plumbing and lighting finishes don’t be afraid to try something new. Satin nickel and oil-rubbed bronze dominated for a while; however, there are so many other beautiful options available like matte black, chrome, polished nickel, or champagne bronze. The trend of mixing metals is still going strong, as well; black and chrome work great together, while dark bronze and champagne together provide an updated traditional look. The best way to do this is to keep all your plumbing fixtures the same finish but mix in another finish for your cabinetry hardware and/or light fixtures.

Showers & Tubs

The current bathroom trends go beyond just materials, though. Large, tiled showers are still very popular in place of a separate tub and shower in the master bath.  When planned and designed well, this option can be very conducive to aging in place, incorporating sleek benches, grab bars, and curbless entry. For those that do still enjoy taking a bath, freestanding soaking tubs or air massage tubs are the most popular.  However, if you’re planning for aging in place, I recommend a drop-in tub that has lower sides and a deck to sit on to help with getting in and out.

When it comes to a bathroom remodel, everyone’s style and needs are different. Some are simply looking for an updated yet timeless look, while others need space that’s more functional. It’s ideal to work with a designer or design-build remodeler when redoing a bathroom to maximize the space you have and come up with ideas that you maybe hadn’t considered.

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This article originally appeared in Lakeside on Lanier’s May 2023 edition.