Benefits of Using an Interior Designer

Have you recently had the urge to redesign or renovate different areas in your home? You certainly aren’t the only one! Before you dive in and try to design a layout by yourself, consider hiring an interior designer who can help bring your visions to life.

At Tracy Tesmer Design/Remodeling, when remodeling to change your home’s design, we highly recommend using an interior designer over a decorator for many reasons. The main reason is that an interior designer not only can offer advice about different materials like pillows and furniture, but they also know how to create and decipher design layouts for your space.

So, what exactly are the benefits of working with an interior designer and what should you expect?

Vast Amount of Knowledge

When most of us think of an interior designer, home decor quickly comes to mind. However, true designers do much more than just decor. Most have great knowledge of space planning which includes drafting design plans and incorporating layout changes involving structural or load bearing components, as well as ADA guidelines and material selection that can help prevent mistakes. In return, this can save you a lot of money. Having a design plan in place before the remodel begins is an integral component of the design-build process.

Interior designers also have an eye for potential when decorating your space. They can take a look at older pieces within the home and know how to repurpose them in a way that will work with different layouts. The combination of their material and layout knowledge along with the knowledge of the current applicable building codes creates a highly functional and quality space that adds to your home’s overall value.

Dependable and Efficient

Interior designers that work in design-build firms have relationships with dependable tradesmen they work with on most, if not all, projects. These tradesmen are reliable and produce quality work at market prices. They know if a quote is too high or low which is very helpful for a homeowner. For example, usually an extremely low price often indicates lack of knowledge or quality. It’s something homeowners may not catch on their own if looking for the lowest bidder.

Hiring an interior designer can also alleviate the stress of a remodeling project. You are able to trust that they will guide you in making the right decisions with the many interlocking and interdependent pieces. If you are a homeowner who has trouble visualizing a space, finding a designer you trust is key.

As most of us know, issues are always going to come up with a remodel. Interior designers are problem solvers and will present the best options and solutions to overcome any potential project delays to keep your home remodel moving efficiently.

Work Hard to Save You Money

Most interior designers pay trade prices and will have discounts that you can use for different decor items, allowing you to save money on the project. They will also make sure that your funds are allocated in the best way possible in order to reach your design goals. Not only will interior designers save you money on the front end with their discounts, but they help avoid costly mistakes by designing your space in an intelligent way to help ensure you get the best value for your home improvement dollars. Now, who doesn’t love saving money?

Less Work for You

Hiring an interior designer will save you many, many headaches during your remodeling process. They help ensure that your home project continues to run smoothly and the decor selections are picked out in a timely manner for installation. Designers are skilled at creating beautiful spaces that represent you and your home. They make the process fun for all and allow you to sit back, relax, and watch your dreams become reality.

The remodeling and redesigning process can be overwhelming and exhausting, but that is why interior designers are available to help ease the process. If you are interested in discussing more about hiring an interior designer and beginning your home remodel, give Tracy Tesmer Design/Remodeling a call today. We will talk through and explore all of the many options that will make the process easier and create a space that is a joy for you to use every day!

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