Common Home Inspection Issues

Are you thinking of selling your home and purchasing a new one? Before you list your property for sale, you should consider hiring a home inspector to point out any flaws in the home that may need to be repaired before the sale is finalized or that may hold up the process. Inside this article, we list some of the most common home inspection issues that could put your home sale in limbo.

We all want to believe the place we call home is perfect – after all, we spend so many years building memories there, how can it not be? Unfortunately, no matter how much we love our “home, sweet home,” the truth is, no house is perfect. Hidden beneath those pristine floors and lurking in those perfectly painted walls, an unforeseen problem can be lurking.

If you are planning on selling your current residence and are hoping to climb up the old property ladder, we urge you to consider hiring a home inspector to inspect your house. Below are some of the most common issues home inspections uncover.

Structural Issues in the Home

Issues with structural integrity are a common problem cited by home inspectors and can be a major cause for concern (whether you are listing your home or not). This type of problem can range from cracks in the foundation to walls on the verge of collapse. In addition to it potentially being costly to repair, structural damage can be a safety concern as well.

Electrical Problems

Electrical violations are probably one of the most common home inspection issues homeowners face. Typical electrical safety concerns include faulty wiring, use of aluminum wires, ungrounded outlets and electrical panels that are not up to par.

These types of electrical issues can be a fire hazard and also lead to power outages from tripped circuits. Fixes include upgrading your electric panel to making sure your home’s wiring meets current code compliance.


Faulty drainage can occur in two areas of the home: the roof and the ground beneath your home. If your property has a bad drainage system, it can lead to erosion of soil and water seeping under the house, wreaking havoc on your foundation. Bad gutters can be the cause of this, as they fail to channel water away from the structure. In addition, improperly installed or clogged gutters also can cause roof damage, as water pools on top of the house and leads to leaks and other roofing problems.

Plumbing Woes

Faulty plumbing is another major find for home inspections. Like the other items on this list, if a buyer’s home inspector uncovers trouble in the plumbing, you can expect problems with the sale. Typical issues include low water pressure, slow drainage, leaks in the walls or on ceilings and poorly maintained septic systems.

Finding a Good Home Inspector

Finding a good home inspector is about more than just picking up the phone book. It requires asking a lot of good questions and conducting some research on the potential inspector. We have a few articles that may help you find a good home inspector. Additionally, if you would like a referral and have any questions about the integrity of your house, or need to have some home repairs tackled, feel free to call North Georgia’s premier home remodeling team. We will work within your time-frame and budget to help get your property up to code and ready to be listed!