Consider these options when updating your kitchen appliances

Nothing dates a kitchen more than having obsolete appliances, especially in a newly remodeled space with updated finishes. Even though your appliances alone don’t make the kitchen all it is, they are the most often used aspects of your space, helping store or prepare multiple meals a day. When remodeling, it’s important to know which of these appliances you will need to replace first.

While it may not be necessary to replace all the appliances in your kitchen during a remodel, especially if they are not too old, let’s take a look at the prime candidates you will want to consider updating as part of your new kitchen design. You’ll also want to consider whether you want to incorporate smart technology into your kitchen as many new models feature these capabilities.

Key Kitchen Appliance for a Remodel


The refrigerator is undoubtedly the workhorse of the kitchen. It is the most used out of all the appliances, with each person in your household opening it an average of 5-10 times per day. Your refrigerator not only keeps your food cold and fresh, it is going to see lots of wear and tear and needs to be one of the first things you consider replacing in your remodel.

As with most things on the market today, there are a range of products catering to different lifestyles. For example, for families with small children, it might behoove them to get a stainless steel finish that is “fingerprint less” rather than those that seem to attract little hands. If you are a single person that doesn’t cook at home a lot then a huge refrigerator will just mean more money spent on energy bills, and won’t really serve a greater purpose.

The most popular refrigerators today have a french door refrigerator on top with a freezer drawer on the bottom. This allows for more refrigerator and freezer space as well as optimum efficiency.  You can also choose from free-standing fridges or built-in fridge models depending on what works best in your kitchen layout. When deciding on a model, be sure that the look is complementary to other appliances and the overall look of your updated kitchen.

Stove and Oven

Stoves and ovens can last decades if you treat them well. That’s why your old range might still function properly, even if it looks like it belongs in a time capsule. When remodeling your kitchen, your stove and oven are going to be what you use for cooking night after night, so you don’t want to be without a functional one for too long.

If you are looking to replace your stove, first decide if you want electric or gas. If you are looking for the best performance, consider efficiency by asking how much heat is lost from the burner to the pan. An electric, flat cooktop loses the least amount of heat compared to a gas cooktop. If you end up going with a more serious stovetop, you will also need to consider installing a new range hood. This will remove all of the exhaust out of the kitchen without the overwhelming noise.  

Gas ranges are important to vent to the outside of the home instead of using a recirculating style that is possible with electric ranges. New stovetop and oven models are even incorporating popular trends into their list of features. Love your air fryer? Look for a new unit with air fryer capabilities and save that space on your countertop.

When homeowners replace their ovens, many insist on a convection oven as it cooks your food 25% faster than a regular oven, saving time and money. If you are a baker, however, you may want to choose the traditional bake, roast, and broil type of oven for your baking needs. In a perfect kitchen, you would probably opt to have both! Double oven units are popular with homeowners and can even incorporate microwaving in the unit-freeing up even more counter space.


Once the mainstays of a refrigerator, stovetop and oven are chosen, many people will want to consider a new dishwasher next. When shopping for a dishwasher, you want to evaluate noise, speed and efficiency. There are many models that now have the energy star rating which will save you on water and electricity down the road. And for cosmetic purposes it is possible to add a panel to the front of the dishwasher that will match your kitchen cabinets. Or, you can go with the traditional stainless steel dishwasher, which is still very popular for many people.

There are also drawer dishwasher options that are easier to load and can be installed at various heights based on the needs within your kitchen. The drawer style however is typically reserved for lighter duty and holds less, which can be perfect in certain situations.  Think kitchenettes, basements, and accessory buildings or guest apartments.


If your current microwave still sits on top of your kitchen counter and takes up space, you should consider installing a built-in microwave that you can pick out to match these other appliances. Microwaves can be installed beneath your upper cabinets near your range or within a drawer or cubby in your kitchen island. Convection microwaves are also an option that will work well, especially in smaller kitchens. Your microwave may be an afterthought, but making this change can save you a lot of space on your kitchen countertops and streamline the look of your kitchen.

Don’t plan a kitchen remodel without considering the room’s layout so that you can properly place and select the appropriate appliances for the space. The design-build experts at Tracy Tesmer are your kitchen remodeling pros, consistently voted the Best Kitchen Remodeler in Hall County, Georgia.

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