Debunking 5 Age-in-Place Design Myths

There are many misconceptions about Age-in-Place design. These misperceptions are unfortunate, because it’s a type of design that can benefit far more people than seniors alone. Continue reading as we debunk some common Age-in-Place myths.

Myth 1:  Only seniors need to consider an Age-in-Place remodel

This kind of remodel is not just reserved for “old people.” Simply put, Age-in-Place design can make a home more livable for anyone at any time. Upgrades make it easier for all types of residents to thrive in the home, and these upgrades maximize comfort and convenience for all ages.

Myth 2:  Age-in-Place design just addresses accessibility issues

Age-in-Place includes much more than installing grab bars in the bathroom and wheelchair ramps. Homeowners can make a floor plan more open, widen doorways, create zero-step entrances, or add motion sensor lights that turn off when you leave the room. Aging-in-Place is about safety, but also enhances comfort and ease for any family. 

Myth 3:  Age-in-Place requires a complete remodel

Aging-in-Place is not restricted to complete remodels. Adding smart technology such as thermostats that connect to Wi-Fi, smart refrigerators and even doorbells with video capabilities qualify for age-in-place remodels. Especially for homeowners who struggle to maneuver around, adding these features makes the home easier to manage.

Myth 4:  Age-in-Place design is ugly

We beg to differ! Plumbing fixtures, appliances, hardware, cabinets, countertops, wall treatments, and flooring define and reflect the home’s beauty. There are so many Age-in-Place options for these products with a wide variety of stunning finishes. An experienced design/remodel professional can help ensure your remodel is functional and beautiful.

Myth 5:  Age-in-Place design lowers your home’s resale value

How you go about your remodel will make all the difference when it comes to reselling down the road. When you choose high quality Age-in-Place design, you choose to make the home safer and more comfortable for people of all ages and physical abilities, ultimately creating a larger pool of potential purchasers.

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