How a Design-Build Firm Can Save You Money… and Headaches

The whole process of building or renovating your home can be overwhelming. Just the thought of all the products and contractors and payments to different entities is dizzying, not to mention the fact that having to coordinate all that amidst your regular schedule could add time to a project you’d rather finish quickly.

That’s why hiring a design-build firm can be the perfect solution to meet all your needs.

Save time

Hiring a firm to coordinate schedules, contractors and payments means that you have one person managing a coordinated effort. This saves you time vetting contractors and various other professionals who may need to work on your home redesign, while also maintaining an efficient timeline, without delaying services.

Save money

When you consolidate all your needs in one place, you get one estimate for all proposed work that will be done as part of the project. This means that all work by all contractors is taken into consideration. In other words — no surprises! This will allow you to plan your budget well and anticipate what the needs will be before they arise.

Create accountability

With all elements of your project together under one roof, you have complete accountability. With a design-build firm the costs of all aspects are considered, and more attention is given to staying on schedule and maintaining the budget. Any potential structure and function challenges are worked out during the design process, which makes for a smooth and planned out renovation project.

Build on expertise

Because you are working with experts who are well-versed in both design and construction, you receive the benefit of the knowledge that both have of the other’s craft. Designers who can work with builders to enhance the project and vice versa allow the homeowner to receive a finished project that takes all aspects into account.

Taking on a home renovation project is not for the faint of the heart. But hiring a design-build firm can eliminate so much of the stress that can come with a home renovation project. Let us put our expertise to good use for your home renovation dreams and call us today at 678-450-1700.