Design-Build Trends

Today’s homeowners are very particular about what
renovations they undergo and how they go about them. They want customized
solutions that best suit their family’s needs, wants and lifestyle. Since many
homeowners have embraced the idea of actively participating in the development
of their remodeling project, the demand for design build remodelers has
drastically risen. Here are some other trends that design build remodelers have
seen over the past few years: 

Smarter and Smaller Projects

Many homeowners are realizing that the solution to their
problems isn’t more space, but simply better utilized space. The way we live
has changed since many homes were built, which means a plethora of small,
compartmented rooms, kitchens that fit two people and formal rooms that are
rarely used. As a result, today’s home remodeling projects often focus on
reshaping and optimizing existing space to better suit the needs of the family, including home additions.

Design Based Transformations

The kitchen is the center of every home, which is why it’s
no surprise that they continue to be high on nearly everyone’s list of required
renovations. In some cases involving design build, adding more square footage is
necessary, especially if the house was built more than 30 years ago. However,
most cases involve rethinking the layout and improving the connection to
surrounding spaces, both interior and exterior. The kitchen renovation will offer space that is
consistent with the homeowner’s lifestyle and priorities.

Theatres as Living Spaces

As technology advances, many families continue to look for
ways to incorporate the latest technology into their homes. Media rooms, in
particular, have been a growing trend in the past couple years and is high on
the list of “wants” for many families. These media rooms have evolved
from a simple place to watch movies into a multipurpose room that has become
the social and recreational heart of many homes. They provide an opportunity to
socialize with friends and family while relaxing in comfortable lounge seating.

Repeat Remodelers

As the family grows and changes, so too does the need for a
better utilized space. What may have worked wonderfully a few years ago may not
be the best option now. As schedules change and the family dynamic evolves,
it’s important to revamp your house to keep up with the progression. Popular
home remodeling project include a family room expansion, a master suite
addition, a guest suite renovation, kids’ bathroom renovations, or an exterior

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