Designing a Bathroom on a Budget

Your master bathroom has the potential to add the most value to your home. It also may be the most expensive room in your home to design and remodel. But, with these suggestions, you’ll both meet your budget and create the bathroom of your dreams.

Do Your Research
Check out some designs and products online or in remodeling books and magazines. Familiarize yourself with prices as well. Find what you like at an affordable price. Knowing what you want from the beginning will save money in the long term. The last thing you need is to increase your costs unexpectedly by changing your bathroom design mid-project.

Make a List
Compile a list of everything you would like in your new bathroom. Highlight the items you consider essential or must-haves. Of course, try to figure out what features can easily be added later and those that cannot when narrowing your list. Nearing the completion of the project, if there is still room in your budget, then add on the non-essential items.

What Can You Do Yourself?
Perhaps the reason a bathroom design can quickly become costly is because of the price of skilled labor. Bathrooms require a variety of specialized work, such as plumbing and electrical, but you can save money by doing much of the work yourself. From pulling up old flooring to applying wallpaper or paint, there are many aspects of your design project that are DIY. However, do your end of the work before and after workers do their part; discuss up front what tasks you will perform and what you expect hired labor to do. You do not want to be working on the project at the same time.

Know Your Bathroom, Have A Plan
Be sure to know where wiring and pipes are located before starting any do-it-yourself work of tearing out walls or pulling out fixtures. This will not only save you money but possibly a real mess. Develop a plan and layout design for your bathroom as well; there are of range of styles and features to add value to any home. Consult a design and remodeling specialist for help in developing the perfect plan.

Shop and compare prices on labor. Ask for references and, if you hire a contractor, get an agreement in writing and be sure they deduct from their bid the portion of the work that you intend to do yourself. It also is a good idea to ask for references.

Material Savings
Just as the price of labor can add up fast, so too can the cost of material. While marble vanity countertops, furniture-grade woods and modern imported fixtures may be your ideal design selections, settle for one and find tasteful substitutes for the others. Chances are that, whatever look you desire for your new bathroom, you probably can find similar designs that meet your budget. For example, instead of custom cabinetry use quality stock cabinetry; instead of marble flooring try ceramic tiles with a faux-marble appearance; and rather than using handmade ceramic wall tiles
throughout your bathroom place them selectively in tile borders and accents.

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