Spring is the perfect time to remember: Don’t neglect your deck

We recently provided tips to tidy up during spring cleaning, but don’t forget to spread the love to your home’s exterior in the process. Your deck is exposed throughout the year so establishing a routine to safeguard and properly maintain it will prevent expensive repairs later.

Following these simple steps will allow you to enjoy your deck or patio all year round.

Inspect your deck

Thoroughly inspect and remove all debris on top of the deck as well as in between the boards. Pay particular attention to any areas close to sources of water or within 6 inches of the ground as these areas are more likely to rot. Using a flashlight, go underneath to check the ledger (the part that attaches to the house and serves as the deck’s primary support beam). Ninety percent of all deck collapses occur due to a damaged ledger.

Wash and Clean

Next, you will want to sweep to remove all dust and any smaller debris you may have missed. After you sweep, evaluate your options for an appropriate cleanser. Wood, composite and vinyl each require different cleaners. We recommend cleaning on a cloud day to prevent the sun from evaporating the cleaner. You will want to let your deck dry for two days before moving on to step three.


Proper maintenance calls for decks to be sealed annually. There are many different finish options available. You will want to select a two-day period of clear skies and moderate temperatures before applying the sealer, toner or stain. Before applying the finish, you should also consider lightly sanding the deck and replace any missing nails or screws. After preparing the deck, you are ready to apply the finish.

Now that your deck is in tip-top shape, don’t forget to periodically move planters, chairs and tables to avoid discoloration.

Have a deck that’s in serious need of repair or even replacement? Contact us today to learn more about how we can transform your old deck into a true outdoor living space.