Easy Ways to Add Character to a Room

When you move into a new house it takes some time to get
really settled. Not only settled but to also make the home really your own and
stand as a testament to your style and character. Luckily there are a few
really simple things you can do to add some serious character to any room in
the house.

Here’s how.

There are two main options. You can go with one, or the
other, or combine them to really take it to the next level. These options are
paint and accents. These two little things can transform the look of a room
completely in as little as one weekend.

By changing the color of the paint you can effectively
change the mood of the room. Reds, oranges, and yellows are warm colors and are
great for open areas like kitchens. However, they also serve well for rooms
like the main living area because they denote a warm and cheery feel that goes
hand in hand with open, inviting areas. On the other hand, there are the blues,
violets, and greens which are cool colors and work very well in areas like
bathrooms or bedrooms. You can take a light and energetic yellow bedroom
and transform it into a room that’s cool, inviting, and great for relaxation in
no time at all. Learn more about interior painting with our how to guide!

Accents are the second thing to tackle if you want to add
character. What’s great about accents is that they’re 100% personal and can be
used to reflect any and every aspect of your personality. Posters on the wall,
pictures on the mantle, and even the color and pattern of your bedspread can
all be used to convey a certain aspect of your personality. The easiest things
to start with are pillows. Simply by adding some sports themed pillows you can
change the character of a standard family room into a place where everyone
gathers to watch the game. Blankets are also a strong accent that can be used
to reflect your personality. The same ideas of warm and cool colors apply when
choosing a new comforter for the bed room or blanket for the family room.

The key thing to bear in mind is that adding personality or
changing the character of the room doesn’t have to be expensive or a long and
tedious project that takes weeks and weeks to accomplish. Get a clear idea in
your head about what you want to accomplish and go for it. Sometimes it’s
nothing more than a pillow and sometimes it takes a new coat of paint. Either
way your newly decorated room with convey just the type of character you are.

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