Eco-Friendly Remodeling Ideas

When homeowners go to remodel part of their house, more and more
of them are choosing to do it in an environmentally friendly way. And why
wouldn’t you? Creating a home that uses sustainable resources, comes from
recycled or reclaimed materials, and whose maintenance is kinder to
the environment is a win for all involved. In fact choosing to remodel
your existing home, instead of building a new one is an environmentally
friendly act in and of itself! Here is a look at some projects that you might
consider for your next eco-friendly remodel. 


Start your eco-friendly remodel from the ground up by focusing on
your floors. Using materials such as linoleum and natural fiber carpets are a
good choice because they are made from renewable resources and
are durable. There has been a recent surge in popularity to
install soft cork floors, which are harvested from the cork tree without
harming it, making it a sustainable resource. Other options for
eco-friendly flooring are redoing hardwood floors, bamboo, jute and stone
underfoot. If you are looking for something a little different from the norm,
concrete floors are an excellent source of radiant heat, saving you energy
and money. 


Using paint that has low or no volatile organic compounds (VOC)
not only saves you the headache from the fumes, but also keeps the air around
you cleaner and more pure. “No VOC” paint is virtually
odorless and contains fewer chemical fumes than ordinary paint. 


When you plan your remodel, don’t forget about the lighting. Installing
low voltage lighting and dimmer switches are an easy way to save energy and
money. Think about using solar energy and installing a skylight to make use of
the free sunlight we get. You can also maximize the light by using reflective
materials in your design for your walls, ceiling and floors. Light colors
reflect ambient light so you won’t have to turn on extra lamps as often to
light up a room properly.


Energy efficient appliances are not as obscure or expensive as you
might think. Replacing your old appliances can be as easy as measuring the size
and picking out a style. Be sure to look for the energy star sticker and ask
for any special offers they might have including cash rebates, low interest
loans, or other incentive programs to get you headed in the eco-friendly


Using recycled materials helps to conserve resources that we
already have, without creating any new ones or putting more waste in a landfill.
More and more often there are daily items that can be recycled and turned into
really unique, visually interesting new items. For example, using recycled
glass counter tops for a kitchen remodel
and a kitchen table made of reclaimed wood is not only going to make your house
different than your neighbors’, but you can also sleep easier knowing
that you didn’t make anything new when there was already plenty to go around.
While these are just a few, there are many ways
to make your kitchen more efficient

We hope these eco-friendly remodeling ideas help you when you go
to begin your next home
project. Check out some of our work for ideas
and inspiration.

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