What To Expect When Remodeling Office or Commercial Space

Remodeling your office or commercial space is a decision that requires consideration and planning. However, with the right plan and an effective team, an office remodel can make a huge difference in the life of your business.

To ensure a smooth process, read the tips below about what you can expect during a commercial remodel as well as some questions to consider before moving forward.

Questions to Ask

  • What is the goal of the remodel? Do we need more offices? More collaborative space? An updated reception area?
  • What is the budget for this project?
  • How will this affect our normal work schedule?
  • If clients or patients will be impacted during the office remodeling, should we plan for a lower volume time of year for the construction? Or shift operations in other ways?
  • How will this remodel improve the efficiency of our company?

Things to Expect

  • Detailed contracts. Office remodels or new construction require a contract. A good contract will outline the labor, materials and products that will be used to complete the project. The storage or moving of existing furniture and fixtures should also be addressed.
  • Realistic Timeline. In addition to a contract, the company you choose for the remodel should provide a realistic timeline that allows for minor deviations that may occur. Having a project timeline in place will set realistic expectations and reduce stress.
  • Movement and Noise. With any remodel, expect to experience some movement around the office. If your company is remodeling a current office space, expect to be shifted to another area of the building during this process. In addition to some shuffling, you can also expect some noise throughout the building as construction teams work to renew your space.


Each commercial remodel will have a different process depending on the extent of the remodel. Read the steps below for an idea of the general office remodel process.

  • Identify Goals
  • Set a Realistic Budget Including Extra for Contingency Should Unforeseen Remodeling Changes Arise (Leaks, Mold, or other Repairs, etc.)
  • Choose an Effective Team
  • Communicate in Advance any Scheduling or Other Needs
  • Work with Project Manager and Remodel Team
  • ENJOY New Office Spaces


Business owners, employees and clients can all benefit from an office space remodel.  Although a commercial remodel may cause variations in the normal work flow, the benefits often outweigh the temporary operational changes.  Benefits include:

  • More cost effective than new construction
  • Increases organization and function of office space
  • Provides a comfortable atmosphere and introduces a fresh business profile to clients
  • Creates a sense of pride for office employees
  • Increases employee production/efficiency

If you’re considering remodeling your workspace and need some help making your vision a reality, contact our professionals today!