Finishing Your Basement: Is It Worth It?

If your family needs more space, but is unable or unwilling to move, you may find that finishing your basement will solve both problems.  There are other options to building up instead of moving out, but continue reading to see why basement remodels are your best choice.

Basements as an Escape

When you’ve had a long day and want to spend some quality time away from all the stresses of daily life, then a finished basement  could be your perfect escape, especially if you have a big family!  Who knows, you may even find yourself spending more time in your basement than any other room in the house.  

I recommend adding a dimmer to your lighting to allow you to maintain low light levels for a more relaxing “movie theater” type atmosphere, or bright light levels for a more lively and inviting space.  But regardless of what you decide to do, the benefit of flexibility will allow you to create a space designed specifically for your wants and needs.

Basements as Entertainment HQ

Home entertainment has evolved over the years from the simple TV room to a larger space with a big screen, surround sound, and comfy theater seating – and the basement is the perfect space for that setup.  The finished basement’s popularity was furthered by the surge in game room type products such as pool tables, ping pong tables, interactive gaming, and more.  Although a finished basement is ideal for watching movies with some extra attention to sound-proofing and lighting, entertaining friends or even making your own craft/hobby room, you can turn your space into practically anything you want.  The possibilities are endless!

Basements as an Investment

One of the most beneficial reasons to finishing your basement is that you will add livable square footage to your house, which should eventually increase the value of your home.  Additionally, finishing your basement typically costs a fraction of what it costs to build an addition to your home; therefore you will ultimately receive the best price per square foot of any remodeling project.  

Homes with finished basements have become remarkably profitable within the last couple years, with some homeowners looking for creative ways to boost their income.  Often an unused basement can be quickly and inexpensively turned into a modest apartment which you can put out for rent.  Basements apartments sometimes rent out at as much as 75% of the cost of your monthly mortgage, which quickly offsets the upfront cost of finishing the space!

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