Flip the switch on home décor with these lighting trends

Often we are led to believe that completely reinventing the kitchen is the only way to spice up the home. But, we should never underestimate the weight lighting holds in the home. Consider some of the trends that are adding a spark to home design in 2018.    

Lighting Trends for 2018

 Cylinder Pendants

Move over globes, cylinder pendants are officially a design staple! This lighting option comes in several different textures and colors. Consider a smooth, cream fixture for the bathroom or a transparent, ribbed fixture with a hint of gold in lieu of bedside tables in the master or guest room. 

Mixed Material Lights

Mixed material lights are becoming popular here and can take on many different styles. They include mixed metals, wood, glass and iron. Mixed materials are great when you can’t make up your mind on what finish you want to use, plus they allow you to experiment with many materials in one space instead of being limited to all one material for fixtures.

Sputnik Fixture

This lighting fixture shares a name and a few characteristics with Earth’s first artificial satellite. The sputnik fixture comes in several varieties – from dainty and intricate to prominent and robust. The unique shapes will be a conversation starter in any home. Consider painting the backdrop a dark earthy tone such as brown, grey or dark blue to complete the look.

Dome Pendant Lights

Don’t neglect the power of a bold lamp. Domed lamps are making a big statement this year. Their funky shapes with finishes such as black or metal make them a versatile addition to nearly any room in the home. Pair with a vibrant piece of art or colorful tablecloth.

Under Cabinet Lights

Under cabinet lighting is here to stay. While overhead lighting is an understandable priority in any home, consider adding lighting under your kitchen cabinets. This choice provides both aesthetic touches (such as highlighting a backsplash or improving ambiance) and functionality (eliminate shadows and illuminate work areas for tasks such as chopping vegetables).

Recessed Lighting

Although clearly not a new addition to the lighting landscape, residential recessed lighting is seeing a resurgence, thanks in no small part to the widespread adoption of LED technology. Versatile in material, style and usage, recessed lighting is a versatile way to incorporate beautiful lighting into any space, indoor and outdoor alike.

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