Four tips for choosing the right contractor for your remodel

Homeowners who are ready to remodel or renovate will make many decisions throughout the project, but none is more important that choosing a quality contractor/remodeler. Before you make your final choice consider these tips!

Think Local

Not only is supporting local business a good idea, but choosing a remodeler who is familiar with the homes in your region is an automatic win. These remodelers will have greater perspective when you are faced with detailed decisions like colors, materials, budget and permit processes, and they can share their past experiences with projects they’ve completed in your area.

Communication is Key

When considering different remodelers, take note of their communication style and patterns. Are they organized? Do they call or email when they say they will? Do they ask to meet in person? You will want to select a remodeler who prefers to meet face-to-face several times throughout the project and before any work begins be sure both parties have signed a detailed contract that outlines and documents all aspects of the projects.

Plan for a Reasonable Timeline

Good contractors should not be able to begin your project immediately, nor should they be able to finish it quickly. If you’re considering a company that is ready to begin tomorrow, you may want to reconsider. On that same note, if the contractor is willing to meet an unusually tight deadline, they could be cutting corners and rushing through the project.

Lay Down the Ground Rules

Even in initial conversations, it is a good idea to explain what hours the contractor is permitted to come to the home, how they will communicate when they are arriving, what parts of the home they are allowed to occupy and what must be cleaned up when they leave. Setting these rules early will lead to greater success throughout the project.

At Tracy Tesmer Design/Remodeling, our tried and true process helps eliminate surprise costs by providing quotes based on an approved design that we work with you to create, rather than just providing an estimate. We take the time to meet with you in person, walk through the project, and create a design that meets your needs and preferences. Learn more about our process here, or contact us today with any questions!