Get floored by 2018’s most popular underfoot options

When it comes to flooring, 2018 is delivering on quality, variety and style. Homeowners with any taste will be satisfied with the options available to them. Read on for help deciding which flooring style is the one for you.

2018 Flooring Trends

Bleached Wood Bleached-wood-floor

If the brown tones found in most wooden floors feel old and outdated to you, consider trying the white-washed look of a bleached wood floor. This option gives you the best of both worlds – a chic ashy white feel with the classic charm of natural wood. This style has been most popular in lakeside or farmhouse homes, but has the versatility to standalone in a wide variety of settings.

Black & White Tiles

This vintage style is back and better than ever. But this flooring option isn’t the same black and white tile you remember from your grandmother’s home. Today we are seeing bold, graphic and more luxurious twists on this traditional look, including small tiles with bolder patterns. Choose this option if you want the perfect blend between vintage and contemporary.  

Graphic Tiles

Graphic Tiles

If you aren’t afraid to use your floor as another piece of art in the home, graphic tiles may be the style for you. Graphic tiles offer endless options, from unique and colorful tiles to smaller images that fit together to form a larger pattern. Make your floor the highlight of your home when you choose graphic tiles. 

Rustic Wood

Reclaimed wood is the perfect option for homeowners who are aiming to achieve a warm rustic style. And with new technology, you can get this classic look without spending a fortune. Factory-finished hardwood still offers the same charm of reclaimed timber, but does not have the same outrageous price tag. Still not convinced? Factory-finished wood can also stand up against moisture, unlike its counterpart.

Porcelain Tile

Porcelain tile flooring is both attractive and versatile. Get a natural stone finish without the price tag while maintaining the look of real marble or travertine. Or go with the wood look tile for an option that’s more durable than typical wood as it holds up to moisture and scratches better.  

Vinyl Tile & Plank luxury vinyl tile

Vinyl has come a long way in the last few decades. A lot of people hear the word “vinyl” and run the other way. However, technology has improved vinyl’s durability and look in recent years. It is a viable option for those who want the same durability and moisture resistance of tile in areas like a bathroom or basement, or wood in other areas of the home, but with a much lower price tag.

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