Home Remodeling Trends for 2014

If you watch any of the numerous home improvement shows out there in television land, you are no doubt tired of hearing phrases like open concept and granite counters. These trendy buzz words would lead you to think that the future of home remodeling lies solely in those arenas.

However, what you must remember, is that these shows were shot months ago – if not years. While open floor plans and granite counter tops are certainly still popular, there are some other surprising home remodeling trends you should keep an eye out for if you are considering any home projects. With that in mind, here is a list of some of the hottest home remodeling trends for 2014.

Home Remodeling Trends in 2014

Home remodeling comes in many forms and has plenty of benefits – from making your house more comfortable to increasing its value. And while personal taste should ultimately be the deciding factor that goes into what home remodel projects you choose, it never hurts to keep an eye on current home design trends. So, without further ado, let’s take a peek at what is hot in the remodeling world today!

Kitchen Remodeling Trends

Kitchen remodeling is probably the biggest request that home remodeling contractors receive. While everyone’s idea of the perfect kitchen design varies greatly, there are some sticking points most homeowners tend to agree upon.

For starters, everyone loves a big, open kitchen. Tearing down a dividing wall between the living room and the kitchen or dining room is a frequent request. Open concept is huge – homeowners want a more spacious kitchen and want to interact with family and friends while they are cooking. And with good reason – so many of our memories are built in the kitchen. Game night, family gatherings, holidays – where do people tend to gather? That’s right, the kitchen.

Another interesting kitchen remodeling trend is to install hardwood flooring. In addition to the beautiful, cozy feel kitchen hardwood flooring provides, it also serves the purpose of providing continuity from the living room to the kitchen (in the case of open designs at any rate).

Bathroom Remodeling Trends

One of the biggest bathroom remodeling trends we are seeing right now is the desire to have a separate shower and bathtub. In many cases, homeowners want a standalone tub, preferring the look of a sleek jetted bathtub to the old shower/tub combo. Walk-in showers are also a hot bathroom remodel trend, as people look to go with curbless showers with spa-jet showerheads with glass doors.

Heated bathroom floors are also “catching fire” in the home remodeling world.

Age in Place Remodeling and Boomerang Children

As loved ones age or we seek to take care of elderly or disabled family members, we may find that the place we have called home for so many years simply is not up to par and no longer fits our needs. As more families look to take care of aging relatives or decide to stay in their home longer, age in place remodeling has become vastly more popular.

Installing hand rails, widening doors and entryways to become wheelchair or walker accessible, and even installing roll-in showers are all options for age in place design. And as the population continues to get older and life expectancy continues to increase, this trend can only go one way: up.

Boomerang children – kids that go away to college and then come back home while they try to start their new career – is a phenomenon that has increased in popularity with the latest generation and, like aging in place, boomerang kids will likely continue to become the norm versus a fad. To accommodate this, many families are turning to home remodeling to increase space, add extra bathrooms, and so forth.

Tech Home Remodeling

Once thought of as a luxury, installing tech-related add-ons has quickly become common place. Mounting tablets, home theaters, touchless faucets, and U-Socket wall plugs that let you charge mobile and gaming devices, are just a few of the high-tech remodeling features you can add.