Home Remodeling Trends for 2015

As 2014 passes us by and we head steadfastly towards 2015, now is a great time to look at what home remodeling trends are likely to become popular. In this quick home improvement blog post, we will break out the crystal ball and do just that!

2014 was an interesting year for home design, and many of the trends that arose throughout the year are going to remain relevant well into 2015. That isn’t to say that new trends won’t pop up, but if you incorporated some designs and decor from 2014, don’t feel as though you have to rush out and make a change. First and foremost, despite whatever trends are “in,” at the end of the day, your home should be some place that you enjoy and feel comfortable in.

Of course, if you are selling your home or want to put it on the market in 2015, you may want to keep some of these trends in mind!

Bathroom Trends for 2015

One thing we noticed in 2014 was the desire for stand-alone soaker tubs in bathrooms. It looks like this “luxury” bathroom item is here to stay – at least for another year, as homeowners are all about their soaker tubs.

That does not mean that showers are being kicked to the curb mind you. If anything, homeowners are looking to upgrade their showers and make them even larger. Fancy hotel rooms and spa retreats are the inspiration for today’s bathrooms, and if you have to borrow a little space from another room to make that happen, well, maybe that is worth it.

Kitchen Trends for 2015

In 2014 we talked about color making an appearance in the kitchen in, sometimes, unusual ways. Colored appliances and cabinetry were popular and will likely remain so, though stainless steel is (and probably will always be) a choice many homeowners choose for their kitchen appliances.

Chef-grade ranges and islands are also very popular, even for homes where no chef resides! Some homeowners are even willing to forego extra cabinet or counter space to fit these “professional” kitchen accessories, though you can certainly incorporate storage and counter space in a kitchen island.

Just like with bathrooms, when it comes to kitchens, bigger is better.

Other Remodeling Trends

As the population ages and life expectancy remains at an all time high, the need for safe living and “age-in-place remodeling and design” can only continue to be a focal point in homes. Making sure your living space is safe and user-friendly for loved ones no matter their age or ability level is so important, and we don’t anticipate this changing. Walk-in showers, lowered sinks and appliances and safety bars in showers are all great choices in the age-in-place lexicon.

Technology, green-friendly, and “safe” home choices are also going to increase in popularity. Appliances that sync to your mobile devices or have built-in tablets, energy-friendly systems and touchless toilets all fall in this category and add an added sense of luxury and contemporary design to a home.