How to Brighten Your Kitchen

If you have been to a party or family gathering lately, you
know that the place that everyone usually ends up hanging out is the kitchen.
No matter how nice your dining room chairs are or how big a television you get,
people seem to gravitate towards the kitchen no matter what. But what happens
when your kitchen is straight out of a 1970’s horror film? What happens when
your kitchen is dingy, dark and repelling people back to the big screen like
a child running away from vegetables? 

You lighten up, of course! Having a poorly lit kitchen
poses several problems, such as issues with preparing food and the
drab factor. There are a few additions and tweaks that can be done to make
your kitchen brighter, more cheerful and a place where everyone will want to

1) Lighting Choices

Actually changing the way that a kitchen is lit will change
just about everything about the way it looks and feels. Seriously, good
lighting can make Twinkies into a gourmet meal. With all the nooks and crannies
that are in most kitchens, it’s hard to get them all lit. Consider lighting
choices like track lighting to replace the single overhead fixtures in order to
eliminate shadows and show more of the details of the kitchen. Adding lighting
can be a nod to aesthetics, but also to safety as preparing food in a dimly lit
area could be a hazard to your health.

2) Reface Cabinets

If your cabinets are still in good working order, you may
not need a kitchen
cabinet replacement
. Refacing is a lot kinder to your budget and
gives you a similar look and feel. Although a dazzling ruby red or a deep black
color might peak your interest, be sure to go for a light color to help reflect
what light you do have available in the room. While you are at it, replacing
the knobs with something light and airy will help to lighten the room as well.

3) Paint it Up

Every home remodel show does it for a reason; it really
works to lighten up a room! Obviously, going with lighter colors is going to
work best, but also make sure the paint has a slight sheen to it, as this will
reflect additional light. 

4) Accent

While you don’t want to have a million accessories laying
around on the counters and tables, having a few that pop with color is ideal to
brighten your space. Everywhere you look now-a-days, normal every day kitchen
accessories like coffee makers, blenders and even dish drainers are coming out
in bold, bright colors that can pack a room with color. Even textiles such as
place mats and lamp shades can now be found in cheerful hues that will brighten
up your kitchen and bring a smile to your face.

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