How to Choose a Residential Designer

If you are on the hunt for a
residential designer that is going to make all of your home dreams come true,
then you know the importance of finding the right person for the job. A
residential designer is someone who works with the homeowner to create or
remodel their ideal home. A residential designer works with the homeowner in
all aspects of the design process, and will see your project through from
beginning to end. It is paramount to find the right designer right from the
start, so you don’t have to switch midway through the project or even worse,
start all over again. Use the following criteria to make finding your dream
designer easy and your dream home even closer than you thought. 


You’ve heard it before, but it’s
true. You want to find someone with experience that can easily navigate through
some of the ups and downs of a construction or remodel project. It helps to
have someone who has been through the process before and can lead the way.


It’s always eye opening to not only
ask for references, but actually call or email with them. Asking questions
like, Did they get the design they wanted? Did they finish the project on time?
Was the project on budget? All are helpful ways to see what people really think
about your potential designer. 


Having someone who is certified and
has a membership in a professional organization shows that they are dedicated
to continuing education in their field. It also means that they have put some
time and effort into this business and didn’t throw it together at the kitchen
table last weekend for some extra money this month.

Latest and Greatest

When you meet with the designer be
sure to ask to see their latest work to see if you like what you see. Of
course, you don’t have to love everything that they show you, different clients
have different tastes and preferences after all, but it is important to see a
wide range of work. Make sure to ask to see finished products as well to make
sure that your designer can see a project through and doesn’t lose motivation
or interest halfway through a project.


Before choosing your designer it is
important to have an open and honest conversation about budget. Be upfront
about how much you can spend and if there is any leeway in that figure. It is
important that your designer can give you what you want and respect the budget
they have been given to work with. 


It is always important to see if you
have a good rapport with the possible designer. If you find them irritating and
annoying from the beginning, then working closely over several months isn’t
going to be the best arrangement for everyone.  Make sure that you can
communicate and collaborate with your designer so that they can take what you
want and make it into a reality.

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