How to Make Your Kitchen More Efficient

Maybe your kitchen is the size of a closet.

Or maybe it’s so large you feel like you just
walked a 5k preparing dinner.

Or maybe you shake your head and hold your breath every time
you open a cabinet, in hopes that you can find what you need
and actually shut it again, before the contents are spewed all over
your kitchen floor.

If any or all of these scenarios sound familiar, you
might be thinking about ways to make your kitchen more efficient. If you
thought you were married to a kitchen model forever, think again.
With a few kitchen remodeling projects on the horizon, you could be on your way to a
more efficient and enjoyable kitchen in no time. 

Double Up

Installing a second oven, might seem a little extreme,
but if you entertain a lot, it is a must. Not only can it be used
for parties and family dinners to cook two dishes simultaneously, but while you
are cooking one thing, the other oven can also be used as a warmer.
Adding another sink on an island can also allow for a side job to happen,
such as cutting vegetables, while the main sink is being used for
something else. Although double ovens and second sinks won’t
curtail how many times your Aunt Betsy asks about your personal life at Christmas
dinner next year, it will improve your efficiency as you prepare your

Store It

One the of quickest ways to make your kitchen more efficient
is to have well planned cabinet space. It is easy to just throw food or
appliances in the nearest empty drawer when there is no rhyme or reason to
where your kitchen stuff goes; or worse, you don’t have a system that can
properly house all of it. Consider kitchen cabinet replacement to make more room or consider additions such as deep drawers, full extension
shelves and tip out trays. These are just a few ways to make cabinets work for

Family Time

We all know that in many homes, the kitchen is where the
family resides and spends the majority of their time. Adding an extra large
island or desk for a computer, homework, or paying bills will go a long way in
helping keep everything organized and neat in the kitchen. Having a place that
is designed as a “communication hub” of sorts will help eliminate
clutter and cut down on the amount of time that you spend looking for important
documents like the water bill or the kids geometry homework.

Go Green

In terms of efficiency, if you have old appliances, getting
energy efficient appliances should be a top priority. Given that the kitchen is
the most wasteful room in the house in terms of electricity, getting energy
efficient appliances will not only help lower your bills and lessen your carbon
footprint, but it also has the bonus of updating your space without having to
lift a single hammer.

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