HVAC Myths

October is a time of old wives’ tales, haunting legends and spooky stories. Even something as mundane as your heating, ventilation and air-conditioning system is not safe from tall tales. With this thought firmly in mind, this week we are going to look at some common HVAC myths and seek to debunk them.

Facts and Myths About HVAC Systems

If you are anything like me, you have probably heard your fair share of myths and legends from family members, eager to pass on years of “wisdom” and “expertise”. While there are definitely some great gems hidden in pass-me-down home improvement and DIY advice, there are also many misconceptions as well – no matter how well-meaning. The below HVAC myths are some of the most frequent we have heard.

Will Closing Air Vents Save Me Money?

This is a very common HVAC myth we have encountered numerous times. Time and again, someone will say: close those air vents in rooms that you aren’t using and you will save money. Wrong answer! In reality, when you close air vents in a room, it forces air back into the ventilation system, making your HVAC work that much harder. This occurs because it offsets the fragile pressure balance your HVAC unit works off of, causing more electricity to be used, wearing down your system faster, (decreasing its life span), and driving up your monthly energy bills.

Adjust Your Thermostat to Make Your Room Comfortable Faster

Sounds like solid advice right? I mean, if your room is cold, cranking up the thermostat to a high setting will surely warm it up faster – how can it not? Ditto on setting a real cold temperature to make the room colder, faster.

As you may have guessed by now, this, too, is a myth. Air-conditioners and heating systems are set to heat or cool a room at a specific pace – setting the really high or low won’t make a bit of difference in the time it takes for the room to reach a comfortable temperature.

In addition, most homeowners tend to forget that they turned the unit up (or down) and forget to reset the temperature later, leading to a waste in energy usage. Set your system at a temperature you will be comfortable with and grab a sheet if you are cold!

HVAC Units Do Not Need Maintenance

Just like your vehicle, HVAC units need preventative and routine maintenance as well. Many homeowners tend to think changing the air filter on occasion is all you need to worry about, but in reality, calling your local heating, air-conditioning and ventilation professional in for a little extra TLC now and again will help make sure you unit has a long, healthy life. It also keeps the system running smoothly, keeping you comfortable and saving you in your utility bills. All reasons to perform HVAC maintenance! HVAC myth debunked!