Kitchen and Bathroom Trends in 2013

Two places in which most people spend a fair amount of time
in every single day are the kitchen and the bathroom. With this said, it’s
important to stay up-to-date with the latest décor and fashion trends to keep
these living spaces vibrant and fresh. There are so many great trends out there
and different ideas pop up every day. After serious consideration, the
following seem to be what’s topping the charts in home décor for 2013:

Metals. It’s pretty
much a done deal: silver is the new gold. Its popularity is growing
exponentially, leaving gold far behind in 2012. Silver has a more authentic,
antique look, especially if it has been burnished or oxidized. Of all the
places in your home, I think it’s safe to say you will find the majority of
metal products in the kitchen and in the bathroom, making this trend a crucial
one to be aware of.

Cabinets. Dark,
heavy browns dominated in 2012. However, this year, it’s all about white
cabinetry, which goes along great with silver. According to statistics, the
popularity of white-painted cabinetry jumped from 47% in 2012 to 67% this year.
It’s always been a favorite, but this year it is undoubtedly THE favorite.

LED Lighting. Also
known as light emitting diodes. The number of consumers becoming aware of
energy efficiency has drastically increased. So, it is no surprise here that
LED lighting is so popular. Not only is it contribute to a green living, but it
also produces vivid, bright lighting, making it a perfect task lighting in both
the kitchen and bathrooms.

Gray. When it
comes to the wall colors, gray is winning by a long run. It makes since and is
very in sync with the idea that white cabinetry and silvers are booming too.
Each one of the three compliment the others in terms of design and textures.
Gray is also a very easy color to work with and add on to, as it is very
neutral and calming.

Transitional Style.
Traditional and contemporary are combining to form one type of decorating and
it is completely dominating this year. Commonly referred to as transitional
style, its foundation begins with a neutral color palette, allowing you to easily
incorporate fun, unique prints. Using wood furniture with metal seating is a
commonality with this decorating approach. It is something that definitely has
taken over bathrooms and kitchens as well. It is the perfect mix of the two
most common decorating techniques – making it something enjoyable for everyone.

Keeping up with trends can be difficult, especially since
they seem to change every day. But, no matter the trends, it’s all about what
makes you feel most at home and comfortable. Stay in sync with your own
personal style while considering these latest trends and that will make your
home exclusively unique.

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