Kitchen Cabinet Replacement

If you’re considering remodeling, then you will soon come to know that selecting cabinets can be a tedious and overwhelming process. Perhaps you are looking to resurface your cabinets; or maybe you are looking to create your own and start from scratch. While it may take a good deal of time and work, the end result is one you will be proud of. The number of options when choosing materials and styles are vast. Where do you start? These steps and suggestions will help your cabinetry selection run smoothly and easily during your kitchen remodeling.

Steps to Remodeling Your Cabinets:

  1. Remodeling cabinets is time consuming and can be difficult, so hiring a professional will make this experience much more enjoyable. Shop around to find different quotes and ideas before selecting a local remodeler. Learn more about how to hire a home remodeler from my Secrets to Top Home Remodeling series.
  2. Study the area and space you are fixing or placing cabinets. Doing your homework on the space you have can help you decide exactly what you need in your cabinet remodeling. Will you want a simple repainting of the cabinets, refacing or complete replacement of the cabinets? Make sure to take into account the design and functionality of surrounding rooms. This is another good reason to hire a remodeler in your area.
  3. A budget must be determined early on in the process. Cabinets come in all shapes, sizes and prices. The main determinant of how high or low the project will be comes with deciding between custom or stock cabinets. With an extensive selection of options, keep in mind the setting of your kitchen and what will complement the area that you will be in. Custom cabinets, as you can imagine, are more expensive because they are tailored to your exact needs. Stock cabinets are already made and can be ordered as is. The remodeler will be able to break down the price of how much everything will be. To prevent unseen costs and expenses it is smart to have everything planned out before you begin payment or construction. Remember, if you buy cheap materials, you may have to replace them in the long run. The quality of the material should be a definite factor in your decision.
  4. The design or layout you choose will be based on the area you are working with. The kitchen appliances should be kept in mind when selecting cabinets. This includes the refrigerator, stove, dishwasher, and sink. The smaller appliances that you keep on the counter can affect the layout, too. Make sure you leave enough room for all of the essential appliances.
  5. A straight line across the longest wall is the easiest and quickest of custom cabinetry to build, but certainly doesn’t top how creative you can be. The designer will be able to assist you with available options and designs. Either way, take a look at the space and the design you would like to have and talk it over with the designer.
  6. Once cabinets have been selected, the hardware is next. Hinges, knobs and slides should flatter not only each other but also the style of the room. If you thought you had a lot of options for materials, just wait until you see the selection of hardware options! It is a good idea to have a color and style picked out before you select.
  7. It is smart to have a mental picture or sketch of what you are hoping for before ordering of materials begins to prevent miscommunication. Make sure the designer is on the same page as you. 
  8. Installation: Custom cabinets will take much longer. This can last from 5-20 weeks. Stock cabinets will take less time to install, around 3-4 weeks. Set up a reasonable schedule and work plan with the designer so that both parties are satisfied.
  9. In the end, the strength of your cabinets should be tested. This includes the inside and the outside of the cabinets. Start with drawers and doors. They shouldn’t wiggle or slide around. Try to put weight on the shelves and in the drawers to make sure they are durable.

After you have gone through each of these steps you are ready to enjoy a beautiful room with personalized cabinets. These cabinets should reflect your tastes, preferences and needs in the end. These steps can help both the designer and owner become knowledgeable about what to expect, the process and how to make this process as simple as possible.

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