Kitchen Remodeling Trends, Part 2: Live-In Kitchens

If you are kicking around ideas for a future kitchen renovation, stop and think about how you’d like to use it.  Wouldn’t it be nice to incorporate some living and working space in addition to the standard cooking amenities?  More and more people are realizing the value of a live-in kitchen and are incorporating that idea in to their kitchen remodeling. 

The Live-in Kitchen

The function and essence of the kitchen has been steadily evolving from year to year.  Its sole purpose is no longer for preparing and cooking meals, rather it has molded into a place that can be truly utilized for living & entertaining friends and family.  Essentially, the kitchen is the most used room in the house and many parents and kids tend to congregate in this area for several reasons including:

  • Social and everyday interaction: Due to the growing concentration on Live-in Kitchen Before and After“multi-purpose” rooms, kitchen remodeling trends now integrate functional aspects of a kitchen that facilitate relaxation.
  • Comfort and usability: Many homeowners are incorporating luxury comfort items such as: couches, televisions, coffee and drink bars, computers with internet access, and charging ports into their kitchen space to encourage a more functional space that everyone can use at once.
  • Needs of everyday life:  Creating a versatile and practical room designed to fit around your lifestyle is immensely helpful as the tasks of everyday life become harder to manage. It provides a family oriented space where you can cook diligently, while simultaneously helping your children with
    their homework.

This trend has not only been a result of the natural evolution in kitchen remodeling, but it has also become the chosen preference for most households due to the added comfort and practicality to their style of living.

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