Luxury Shower Inspiration

Since the bathroom is one of the most frequently used rooms in the house and can potentially add the most value, it has become a popular remodeling project for today’s homeowners.  Showers, specifically, have gained the focus in recent years and emerged as luxurious centerpieces of the master bathroom.  The functionality and visual aesthetic could benefit from a simple redesign of your shower.

Everyone loves to start off their day with a relaxing, comfortable shower.  With a luxurious shower design you will be able to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul, while simultaneously providing an elegant, decorative flair to the room.  The following are some custom shower design ideas that will turn the daily act into something to which you look forward.

Frameless Glass Shower Doors

The ultimate in luxury, frameless glass shower doors are a sleek design that enhances the bathroom’s beauty and gives it a more spacious feel.  It is a sharp-looking investment that allows for a more seamless integration of your entire bathroom.  If you have given the rest of your shower an upgrade, it will also allow the beauty of your shower to shine through.  There are types of glass doors available today that are mildew and soap scum resistant, which reduces your cleaning time.

Natural Lighting

Incorporating a skylight above your shower or adding a discreet window brings in natural light and gives the room more mellow feel.  For many homeowners, it’s an easy way to bring the natural allure of the outdoors into to the bathroom.

Custom Shower Tiles

Shower tile design will help create a uniquely beautiful bathroom that you’ll enjoy for years.  One of the wonderful things about tile is the fact you have almost unlimited creativity.  There are thousands of types of tile and even more ways to design the layout of that tile.  It’s important to choose a tile that matches the rest of the bathroom and that will give you a look you love for a long time. 

Sculptural Niches

Sculptural niches add both an attractive decorative element and functional efficiency to your shower.  Sculptural recessed niches not only add storage space for soaps and shampoo, but it also provides a unique architectural flair to the shower design.  It gives the shower a neater, tidier appearance without the necessity for shower caddies hanging around and opens up more space in the shower.

Custom Shower Head

There are a number of fancy shower heads on the market today from which to choose.  You can go as simple as a removable hand-held shower head or a variable spray head that lets you choose the type of water flow, to as fancy as adjustable body sprays or sliding rain bars with pivoting heads.  Also gaining popularity are “his and hers” shower heads, which is the perfect solution for couples who can’t agree!

To get some assistance in designing your master bathroom shower with these luxurious options in mind, contact Tracy Tesmer today for a risk-free consultation.