Make a splash with the latest tile trends

Tile can give a kitchen or bathroom a pop of color and breath of fresh air. With so many designs to choose from, homeowners are able to put their personal touches on a room with tile options such as mixed materials and patterned tiles.


Metallics can create a beautiful backsplash in both bathrooms and kitchens. Homeowners can choose from a wide variety of metals, including copper and brass. This tile trend has gained popularity and continues to be an attractive choice for homeowners.

Matte and Gloss

This tile trend goes against traditional design in which homeowners choose different colors in the same finish. With matte and gloss, designers use the same color, but mix the matte and gloss finishing. This contrasting finish brings walls and floors in bathrooms and kitchens to life.

Industrial Concrete

Using industrial concrete is a tiling trend that has been extremely popular this year. Industrial concrete pairs very well with brick walls, pendant lighting and metal framed furniture and looks great in a basement. 


Black and dark grey tile can give off the ultimate look of luxury in any bathroom. Don’t shy away from dark tile, especially as an incredible contrast to lighter tones in other areas of the home.

Textures and Patterns

What began as a way to add color and boldness to a room has recently added more neutral and cohesive options as well. Using textures and patterned tile catches the eye and is a great conversation starter. These designs include anything from a bold patterned backslash in a kitchen to a wavy textured tile in a master bath.


Though it’s been in style for a while, marble is still popular in 2018. This classic look can be changed up by mixing in small amounts of color and using different shaped tiles. There are even options that give that signature marble look but require less maintenance to achieve the same beautiful look. 

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