More Door Types

In this second part of a two-part series, we continue our look at the different types of interior door and exterior doors that you can use for your home remodeling projects.

In an earlier blog post, we covered some of the popular interior door options homeowners have available to them for their home projects. These included the following: bi-fold doors, bypass doors, Dutch doors and French doors. If you missed that blog post, you can learn more about door types here.

Below you can find descriptions of more interior and exterior door types and styles.

Flush Doors

Like other doors on our previous list, flush doors are more about function than aesthetics. With their flat surface – flush doors are devoid of panels or molding – this type of door blends into the background of a room, allowing other design elements to “pop” and draw attention.

Some flush doors are installed on parallel tracks, allowing one door to slide behind another to access closet space without requiring the extra swing space of a traditional hinged door.

It should be noted that flush doors can also be considered a door style in a broad classification. The opposite of a flush door would be a panel door, which is a door made up of vertical and horizontal pieces known as stiles and rails, which are used to give the door a “paneled” look.

Hinged Doors

When the average homeowner thinks of a door, odds are that the type of door that comes to mind is of the hinged variety. Highly versatile, hinged doors are found in every part of the home, including the interior and exterior.

Hinged doors get their name from the method in which they are hung; that is, they are attached to a door jamb with the help of two or more hinges.

Pocket Doors

Technically another type of sliding door, pocket doors are interior doors that slide into a wall. This serves the purpose of conserving space, as there is no extra space needed once the door is opened or closed.

Pocket doors are common in older homes, in rooms where normal hinged doors will not fit (due to small entryways), and, in particular, bathrooms.

Other Door Types

In addition to the door types listed above and in our previous article, other door styles include windowed doors, decorative and wood-carved doors, and security or “storm” doors. These door types are reserved for exterior purposes, acting as doors for entryways to homes.

Choosing the Right Door

When choosing the right door for your home, it is always best to consult with a home design or home remodeling professional. In addition to adding value and aesthetic appeal to your home, doors also help add security as well. A certified home builder will be able to help you decide which door best suits your needs and help you install the door properly.

If you live in the Gainesville, Ga., or North Georgia area and are looking for an experienced home remodeler to help install doors in your home, why not contact Tracy Tesmer? We would love to help keep your entryways beautiful and secure!