Prepare Your Home For Colder Weather

The holiday season is upon us as we are fast approaching Halloween. Before you can blink it will be time to start preparing the turkey for Thanksgiving and buying gifts for family and friends.

Between gift-giving, parties and colder weather, it’s no secret that our wallets can start to feel a little bare as we head into the winter months. We’ve got some tips and tricks up our sleeves so that you can keep your home safe, warm and within budget this holiday season.

Talk to the experts 

This may seem simple, but calling in an energy expert can save you some big bucks this winter. Allow a home energy auditor to come assess your home for places where energy is being wasted. As trained and certified professionals, they can easily identify air leaks, energy-hungry appliances and poor HVAC system function.

Invest in preventative maintenance 

Just like you take the time to service your car every few months, your HVAC system could use some love, too. The best way to prevent larger issues down the road is to have your heating, ventilation and air-conditioning system maintained at the change of each season. This, in turn, also can extend the life cycle of your system.

Clean the gutters and check your drainage system

Don’t let the beautiful autumn leaves be the reason your drainage system fails. These leaves eventually fall, and the debris can clog gutters and downspouts. These clogs may be out of sight, but they can cause drainage overflows that damage your roof, fascia boards, landscaping and more.

Check the seals on windows and doors

Taking a simple walk through your home can help you spot door and window seals that may need to be replaced. Carry a pen and paper with you as you complete your inspection to take down specific dimensions of any seals that may need to be replaced.

Examine leaky faucets

Broken and busted pipes in the winter can cause major damage to your home. The fix could be as simple as replacing a washer or an O-ring, depending on your sink.

Clean your fireplace

Before you enjoy the first hot chocolate by the fire this winter, be sure to clean out your fireplace as well as have the the flue and chimney inspected for any hazards.


Now that you’re fully prepared to take on this winter season without damage to your home, go enjoy the holiday season worry-free!

If you’re looking for recommendations on who to use for these services, feel free to contact us!