Prepare To Sell Your Home – So You Won’t Have To

If you have ever gone through the process of selling a home
– especially one that has been in your family for a long time – you are
intimately familiar with the many unexpected issues that arise once your house
is on the market. Whether it be bad results from an inspection (like mold, faulty
electrical wiring, and cracks in your foundation), or cosmetic blemishes that
send potential buyers running out the front door with a sour look on their
face, nothing points out the many flaws in a home than when you see it through
another person’s eyes.

This type of perspective is often met with despair – after
all, the same issues that turn off buyers from purchasing a house are probably
the very same ones that would make you look for a new home, sweet home.

But where some see despair, others see opportunity. Every
relationship – whether it be with a spouse, a friend, or yes, even a house –
has its up and downs. They all require a little tender loving, some maintenance,
and (from time to time) a good dose of elbow grease.

If you find yourself dreaming of a new home with an updated
kitchen and a bathroom to die for, it may be time to take a step back and
re-evaluate your situation. Maybe what you need isn’t a new home at all. Maybe
what you need is a new perspective.

To Move or Not to

There was a time when your current home was your dream home;
when you walked in the front door and instantly fell in love. It wasn’t
perfect, but you saw the potential. Maybe you grew up there, maybe it was your
starter home. One thing is certain – amidst the out-dated kitchen cabinets and
the old appliances lurks something you can’t find in a new home: memories.

You can always upgrade the tile in your bathroom or add a
new deck onto your house, but you can never replace memories.

With that being said, before you put your house on the
market, you may want to consider what it would take to make you fall in love
with your home all over again. Some simple renovations may let you stay put and
avoid the hassle of selling, buying, and moving into a new residence. Not to
mention the cost of boxes and the inevitable loss of broken items.

Turning Remodeling
Woes to Remodeling Pros

Another reason you may end up putting your house on the market
in the future is because you failed to fix small issues and tackle small
renovations as they arose, allowing little nuisances to turn into big problems.

Think of small renovations and updates the way you would
think of oil changes and tune-ups on a vehicle – preventive maintenance.

For example, as your family expands and your home needs
grow, you may find that one and a half baths no longer cut it. Maybe you are
expecting a baby in nine months and want to convert your office into a
child-proof nursery. By playing it smart, you can slowly upgrade your bathroom or
design your baby’s new room by consulting a professional to help guide you
through a simple, yet effective bathroom remodel or nursery makeover.

Another case might be an old wooden deck that is slowly
rotting. The longer you wait to repair it, the more costly and difficult it
will be to repair. Tackling the issue early will save you a lot of grief and

Looking to the Future

Sometimes we are unaware of the issues lurking beyond our
walls. One way to avoid all of these future “unexpected” remodeling and money
pitfalls is to try and envision your home the way an inspector might. You could
even spend a little money and hire an inspector to come out and look at your
home. Or better yet, call up a real estate agent, have them take an unbiased
walk-through of your house, and see what they have to say. This a free way to
get some priceless advice from a seasoned pro.

You can then take these tips and create a detailed budget
and plan of attack. Spreading the workload out over months will reduce stress
and stretch out your budget.

In the end you may end up with a home that you no longer
want – or need – to sell. And if you do decide that a new home is in order, you
can rejoice in the increased value of your newly renovated home!

Home Renovation

When deciding if your home needs remodeling or renovations,
consider the following:

Does your current kitchen fit your needs? Is it
spacious enough to work in? Is it inviting for guests and family? Do you find
yourself having to kick people out because there just isn’t enough room? Remember,
most memories in a home are made during family gatherings. And the majority of
those revolve around the kitchen and dining room areas.

Do you have enough bathroom space? As your
family grows, you may find you need an extra bathroom or shower. A small
bathroom renovation can do wonders for your home.

Are you expecting a child or is an elderly or
disabled relative moving into your home? If so, home safety is a definite
concern. Expanding doorways and safe-proofing your house will make the
transition much smoother – and safer.

Can you see yourself in your home ten years from
now? 20? What changes that might affect your home needs do you see arising in
the future? If you were looking for a new house, what features would it have?
Are these simple projects that you can add to your current residence?

Local Consulting

If you find that you can’t answer
the above questions, you can also get a consultation from a local renovator or
remodeling company. A quick Google search of your area can reveal home
remodeling professionals close by. For instance, if you live in Northwest
Georgia, you can try typing in: “Home remodel Gainesville, Georgia”
on Google and search for user reviews from the local renovation listings.