Questions To Consider Before a Bathroom Remodel

While a bathroom remodel may not be as much of a commitment or undertaking as a kitchen remodel, it is important to remember to prepare your budget and understand your priorities before you begin the project.

So that the process runs smoothly, we recommend you answer these four sets of questions when deciding how to transform your current bathroom into the one of your dreams.

Determine your overall goal

What do I want to achieve by remodeling my bathroom? What is the purpose of the remodel?

  • Updated look
  • Better organization
  • More countertop space
  • New tub, shower or sink
  • Change floor plan or layout

Space Questions

  1. Do I need more space or a better layout?
  2. Should I replace my bathtub with a shower or vice versa?
  3. Do I need the space to be accessible for aging in place?
  4. Who will be primarily using this bathroom?
  5. Do I need more bathroom ventilation?

Budget Questions

  1. How much am I willing to spend to remodel my bathroom?
  2. What new items must I have to be satisfied with the final product?
  3. Where am I willing to splurge?
    • Floor/Tile
    • Sink
    • Bathtub
    • Shower
    • Lighting
    • Cabinets 

Design Questions

  1. Do I need better or updated lighting?
  2. Do I want my bathroom to be calming, spa-like area to relax or should it be more functional?
  3. What style do I want? What will blend well with the rest of my home?
  4. What colors and materials do I like?
  5. What type of flooring do I like?

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