Questions to consider before a kitchen remodel

A kitchen remodel can be a large undertaking for any homeowner, but often is a necessary key to home improvement as well as to increasing your home’s value. If you’re considering remodeling your kitchen in 2018, we have created a checklist that will help you get started and determine your priorities before you begin the project.

We recommend answering questions in the following four categories as you think through the remodel: overall goal, space-related questions, budget-related questions and design-related questions.

Determine your goal

What is the main purpose of remodeling my kitchen? What do I want to achieve with a remodel?

  • Change the floor plan or layout
  • Add countertop space
  • Add storage
  • Better organization
  • Updated look
  • Ready to list your home and want to increase home value

Space questions

  1. What are the primary and secondary uses of the space? 
    • Cooking/baking
    • Entertaining
    • Family gathering
    • Arts/crafts/homework
  2. Do I want to include an area to eat? If so, full table or is a bar area at the countertop enough?
  3. On average, how many people are in the kitchen at the same time?
  4. Do I need more space or just a better configuration?
  5. Do I need the space to be accessible for aging in place?

 Budget questions

  1. How much am I willing to spend to remodel my kitchen?
  2. What items are at the top of my wish list?
  3. What are the areas that are most important? What am I willing to splurge on?
    • Countertops
    • Appliances
    • Cabinet accessories/organization
    • Flooring
    • Backsplash

Design questions

What style do I want? What will blend with the rest of the house?

  1. Is there anything that I can reuse or repurpose?
  2. What colors and materials do I like?
  3. Are countertop appliances ok or do you like everything to be hidden?
  4. How do I get the most efficient layout?
  5. Where do I want my lights and heating?
  6. Does the space need to be accessible for aging in place?

We would love to help give you the kitchen of your dreams. Not only will we take into account your preferences, but we will also offer feedback based on our experience.

Give us a call or use our contact form to discuss how we can work together on your remodel project.