Reasons to Build a Home Addition

North Georgia’s Tracy Tesmer Design/Remodeling looks at some common reasons homeowners seek to add a home addition to their house.

As we grow older and our families expand, we often find ourselves looking to “move up” in the world of real estate and purchase a larger, more spacious home. But what are some other reasons homeowners seek to upgrade their living arrangements? We discuss this and more in today’s home improvement blog.

Why Build a Home Addition?

As stated above, the primary reason that homeowners undertake construction projects such as home additions is to add more space for an ever-expanding family. Maybe your first home was a starter home, meant for just you and your wife. Then, as you settle into life, you have your first child. Suddenly that two bedroom is a little more cramped than you first realized.

Or what if you had only one child and then – surprise! – you find out your one and only baby is going to have a happy new sibling? Having the children share a room will certainly work for a while, but what about when they get older? This is especially true if you have a boy/girl combo on your hands.

We always encourage people to consider a home addition instead of moving to a larger home for a few simple reasons. For starters, it can often be cheaper to add on than it is to move into a larger house. Secondly, odds are that you actually love your current home’s setup, and all you really want is more space – adding another bedroom or living area can easily rectify this situation. Finally, your home is a place where you have built many dreams – why leave it behind when you can keep making new memories in your beloved space?

Additions can also add value to your home, improving what is arguably your life’s biggest investment while simultaneously giving you more wiggle room – sounds like a great deal to me!

Of course, expanding families can come in more ways than just the addition of a baby. On the other end of the spectrum, some families decide to have elderly relatives move in to help care for them as their needs grow and their abilities decrease with the burdens of age. In this case, you may find yourself wanting more than a simple home addition; you may need an on-suite with full-on age-in-place or universal design considerations so that your home is accessible no matter what a person’s ability level is.

Your home needs may expand too, if your child suddenly loses their job or income, or if they are unable to find work after college and need a place to shore up cash while they launch their – no doubt – bright future. A home addition helps solve this problem as well!

Of course, sometimes you do not need a “reason” at all to expand your home. Maybe you won the lotto or your income has increased to such a degree that you want to add on that home movie theatre, gaming room or man cave. There is nothing wrong with rewarding yourself – and improving your castle in the process – for all the hard work you and your spouse have endured over the years. Go ahead – you earned it!

North Georgia Home Addition

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