Remodeling 101: What to Expect

Perhaps you’ve decided to remodel your current space instead of moving elsewhere. The process is exciting as you have the opportunity to watch your home transform before your eyes. But the final product does not come without a cost. Knowing what to prepare for can save time and money down the road. Today, we review what to expect during your home remodel.

Valuables Can Be Broken

If you do not take the time to put away valuable pieces of furniture or art, they have the potential to be in harm’s way. We recommend taking all picture frames and precious décor off of your walls and shelves and safely wrapping them in blankets to be stored underneath a bed or in a secure place that is not part of the renovation.

It Can Get Noisy

If you work from home or have children who nap during the day, we recommend you make plans to move those activities elsewhere during your home remodel as there will be several people coming in and out of the home at all hours of the day.

It Will Be Dusty

Save yourself a headache and take the time to put down plastic sheets in the construction zone and neighboring areas of the house before the remodel begins. A good contractor will provide dust protection. At Tracy Tesmer Design/Remodeling, we put this in place for our clients so it’s one less thing they need to worry about. Do plan to vacuum the entrance of the construction area regularly so you can control the amount of dust that is tracked throughout the rest of your home.

Plumbing Will Be Unpredictable

This rule is especially true for kitchen and bathroom remodels. Plan to communicate frequently with your contractor about when water will have to be turned off and how long it will have to remain off. Decide where you will shower and brush your teeth now so you will not be as stressed when the time comes.

Expect To Live In a Close Quarters

Most people cannot afford to live in a hotel during construction or may not have family that lives close by so they remain in the home during the remodel. Understanding that you will feel cramped in a smaller space will help you set realistic expectations. Mentally walk through a one-week time period without access to the construction zone to decide how you will utilize other spaces while you lack access to the room(s) being remodeled. Planning this out before construction begins will give you peace of mind during the rest of the process.

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