Remodeling for the Holidays: Making Memories by Remaking Your Kitchen

As the
holidays approach, we are reminded of the past – of endearing traditions passed
down from one generation to the next. Stockings hung from a fireplace, the
faint glow of Christmas tree lights lighting up the living room, the presents
beneath a promise of things to come. Looking back on these traditions, we can’t
help but be bombarded with a lifetime of memories – time spent with family,
friends, and loved ones.

If you
look a little deeper into those memories, past the people in them, you might
notice that they tend to occur in certain places within your home. In fact, I
would say the majority of them occur in one place in particular: your kitchen.

From that vital space, many memories can be made. The warm
smell of turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie. The chatter of daughters, mothers,
and grandmothers passing down recipes and stories. The delighted laughter of
children stealing a bite of dessert before rushing into the backyard to watch
cousins and brothers enjoy a game of football in the crisp, winter air.

But what if you did not have a kitchen or dining room large
enough to host your family and friends for the holidays? Maybe this is your
starter home and your kitchen is not quite up to par or perhaps your family has
grown over the years and you now find yourself shoving for space in your ill
planned dinette.

Remodeling Tips for
the Holidays

As always, remodels come in all shapes and sizes. From
simple, budget-friendly touch ups and DIY projects to full-blown renovations requiring
a remodeling consultant and months of work. With that in mind, here are some
tips to help you decide how to get the most out of your holiday makeover.

  • Conduct
    a walk-thru of your home, envisioning it as your family might. Put
    yourself in their shoes – what things might make their visit more
  • Get a
    head count of how many visitors you anticipate having in your home. Do you
    see this number expanding in the next few years? Are any family members
    expecting children? Are you?
  • Do you
    have any disabled or elderly friends or relatives? If so, how accessible
    is your house? Are the doorways to your restroom and kitchen wide enough
    to accommodate wheelchairs? Do you have railings in your shower or room for
    a seat in the bath area?
  • Is
    your home childproof? Do you have cabinet locks where appropriate? How
    about a gate for your swimming pool?
  • Make
    note of your appliances. Do they function properly? How old are they? Will
    you be able to cook a dinner for 6 guests? 10? 20?
  • Do you
    have enough living space? If people will be staying with you, where will
    everyone sleep? Are there enough places to sit? Nothing is worse than
    going to a party and playing musical chairs!
  • How
    many bathrooms does your home have? How many baths and showers?
  • Are
    your fire and carbon alarms functioning? When was the last time their
    batteries were changed? Do you have a fire extinguisher in case of

Low Cost Holiday Remodel Ideas

Preparing your home for the holidays doesn’t have to be
expensive. There are many minor alterations you can make to your living
quarters that won’t take a big “bite” out of your budget or require a lot of

Deck the Halls and
Paint Your Walls

One of the fastest and cheapest ways to spruce up your home
(pun intended) is to slap on a fresh coat of paint. This will help brighten
your rooms and give your home a cleaner look. Choosing warm, inviting colors
will make your space more comfortable and provide a great backdrop for family

Consider colors that subtly remind your guests of the
holiday seasons: orange, brown, deep greens, and luxurious reds all evoke
feelings of Fall and Winter holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving.

Don’t forget to patch holes and fix other blemishes while
you are at it!

Upgrade Bathroom and
Kitchen Sinks and Hardware

Replacing faucets and cabinet hardware is a cheap and
effective way to give your kitchens and bathrooms an updated feel. While you
are at it, consider installing a new, low-flow toilet to conserve water and
save on your utility bills. A double kitchen sink will also make life a lot easier
when you have to clean up dishes from your holiday feasts!

These updates will prove beneficial long after the holidays
have passed.

More Than Just
Christmas Tree Lights

A lot of thought is given to Christmas tree and outside
lighting when it comes to the holidays. Who doesn’t love pulling up in the
driveway and seeing the red, green, and white twinkling of lights hugging the
roof trim or shining out the front window from the pine tree in the living

But what about the normal lighting and lighting fixtures in
your house? When was the last time you changed that old lamp? How about adding
some recessed lighting or a new chandelier? Simple touches like this make your
space seem more modern and, when done by a licensed professional, can add a
welcoming warmth to your humble abode.

Be Mindful of Remodel
Time and Budget

The holidays are a great time of the year, but they can also
be stressful. You can avoid adding more stress to your life by giving careful
thought to your remodeling projects and being realistic with your remodel

  • Make
    sure you give yourself room in your budget for unforeseen cost and
    renovation supplies.
  • Set
    achievable goals for your construction calendar. Don’t try to squeeze too
    much in a limited time. You don’t want to be stuck in the middle of work
    when your guests arrive!
  • For
    long term projects, try to get them completed six months before the
    holidays, this way you can make any adjustments well before the
    festivities begin.
  • Take
    notes after the holidays are over. Where did you fall short? What would
    you do different next year? Getting an early start on the coming year will
    help you stay on budget and time.
  • Consider
    hiring a local remodeling professional or getting a remodel consultation.
    Check your local area for skilled professionals by doing a Google search,
    such as “Kitchen Remodel, North Georgia”.
    Read user reviews and look at samples from the consultant’s website.

And above all – take a little time to pass along
family traditions and make some new memories for the future.