Should I Remodel My Kitchen?

Knowing whether or not it’s time to remodel your kitchen can be a difficult question for most homeowners to answer. Expert North Georgia kitchen remodeling professionals at Tracy Tesmer Design/Remodeling take a look at some questions you can ask yourself when determining whether or not you should undertake a kitchen remodel or kitchen renovation project.

Homeowner Question: Should I Remodel My Kitchen

Most homeowners, at some point in time, look around their kitchens and begin to see the effects of time on their cabinets, kitchen counters and appliances, and wonder whether or not the time has come to remodel or renovate their kitchens. While these signs can certainly be a reason to begin thinking about undertaking a kitchen project, they are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to reasons why you should give your kitchen space a little TLC.

Reasons to Remodel Your Kitchen

One of the biggest reasons to remodel your kitchen has to do with space issues. Whether this is due to a lack of storage area or actual moving room – picture your spouse or family members crowding your cooking space – the fact is that a larger kitchen often alleviates many frustrations in what is arguably the most important gathering space in the home.

If you find yourself lacking in kitchen cabinet storage space, counter space or simply need a little more elbow room in the sink or at the stove, consider a kitchen remodel.

Another reason you may want to remodel your kitchen has to do with the kitchen appliances in your home. If your stove is old – or you want to switch from gas to electric or vice versa – a kitchen remodel may be in order. Adding a new, bigger refrigerator or dishwasher may require that you shift some cabinetry around. If this sounds like something you need, it may be time to consider a kitchen remodel.

Finally, as we have discussed many times in previous blog posts, as we age, homeowners may find that their home is not as accessible as it once was. One of the biggest areas where this becomes an issue is the kitchen. From installing wider doors and easy-to-open drawer pulls to adding roll-under kitchen sinks, universal design or age-in-place kitchen design techniques can help ensure that your kitchen is usable no matter what age or ability level you, your family members, or your friends who visit have.

Kitchen Remodels in North Georgia

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