“Today Only” Discounts & High Pressure Sales Tactics

In the third installment in my series, 19 Secrets to Top Home Remodeling, I will discuss two more secrets that can help you make your decision on which remodeler to choose.  These two helpful hints will keep you from making a pressured, uninformed decision and be aware of builders who offer “today only” discounts and use high pressure sales tactics.

Offering “Today Only” Discounts

If a remodeler ever tells you the price is available for “today only”, it’s time to show him the door. Quite often they’ll provide you a story that by signing today you’re entitled to a “model home” or “advertising discount.” The story centers on the need to use your home as a model to advertise their services in the neighborhood. Don’t be fooled!  They mark their prices up and give you a false discount.  This is an old trick used to pressure homeowners into making a quick decision.

Using High Pressure Sales Tactics

You should never feel pressured into making a decision about choosing your remodeler. If you ever feel that a builder is pressuring you, ask them to back off.  If they persist with their sales push, it’s time to look for another contractor.  Making a decision under pressure often leads to a bad decision when remodeling, and you don’t want to be living with and in a mistake for the duration of the ownership of your home.

Be vigilant in your research and don’t be afraid to ask questions. If the remodeler dances around questions or seems to just be telling you what you want to hear, then
you should keep looking. I will reiterate this again – this is potentially a long project in which you will be dealing with this remodeler on a daily basis. You must feel comfortable with this person!  A qualified, reputable builder will guide you throughout the process, educate you on many aspects of the remodeling process, and would never pressure anyone into signing.

To learn what to ask other homeowners to determine the quality of potential builders, check out my list of remodeler reference check questions.