Top Reasons Why You Should Replace Your Windows

Many homeowners don’t understand the importance of
good quality windows. Not only do windows maintain the temperature in your
home, they also provide an opportunity to improve the aesthetic appeal of
your home. The benefits to having efficient, well-sealed windows are endless. The
following are the top reasons why you should replace your windows during a remodel or redesign.

1. Appearance: New windows are aesthetically pleasing.
Whether you are renovating or painting the outside of your home, windows
instantly perk up the aesthetics of your house.

2. Rebates: Utility companies usually give
rebates for new, energy efficient windows. You can contact your local energy
company for specific details regarding these energy initiatives and see what
type of rebates they are offering. Some stores offer rebates make new windows
nearly impossible to resist!

3. Cost savings. Properly sealed windows help ensure
that the home uses less gas to heat it up. This mostly results in an obvious
reduction in your monthly utility bills. Once you reach the end of the month or
even the end of the year, your savings will be noticeable. In the end, the new
windows will essentially pay for themselves. Not to mention, retailers usually
offer great deals on efficient windows as well as the installation.

4. Safety. Upgrading not only reduces bills
and increases the aesthetics of a home, but it may also protect your health. Cracked
and broken windows are dangerous and become even more dangerous once winter
arrives. As the glass becomes frail and cold, the windows are less likely to
withstand normal wear and tear. If you have children or animals in the home, then
unkempt, old windows could be a huge safety hazard. Other safety concerns

  • Poorly sealed windows let in drafts of cold air
    during the winter and can cause you and your family to get sick.
  • Many old windows contain dangerous materials
    like lead paint, which is dangerous for everyone.
  • Inefficient windows leak, which can allow water
    and moisture to come into the home. A dangerous by product of moisture entering
    the home is mold.  It not only grows
    quickly, but it can be detrimental to your family’s health and the resale value
    of your home.

5. The environment. Energy efficient windows use
less natural gas, which is commonly used to heat many homes. By using less
natural gas, you will decrease green-house gas emissions, thus protecting our

By keeping all of these factors in mind, you will be better
educated when you set out to replace the windows in your home. Installing new
windows is one of the most rewarding home improvement projects you can do, and even
something as simple as having windows with double-pane insulation can save you
a considerable amount of money in long run.

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