Unusually Effective Shower Cleaning Tips

Everyone loves a newly remodeled master bathroom for a few reasons: that terrible 80’s style cabinetry and tile get updated with new modern finishes and fixtures; the space often provides increased functionality for homeowners; and it’s sparkly clean!  In this post, We’ll reveal some uncommon cleaning tips that will help your bathroom, and more specifically your shower, stay looking like new for years to come.

The most important thing to remember when trying to keep your shower clean is to keep it dry.  Moisture breeds mildew and mold, which leads to skuzzy looking showers.  Does this mean you have to pat the walls dry like you do to yourself after you step out of the shower?  Not necessarily.  Below are some ways to dry out your shower faster with minimal effort:

  • Leave the shower door open after use – this is especially important for those of you that have custom shower enclosures in which the shower doors stretches from floor to ceiling as it allows air to circulate
  • Squeegee after each use – particularly pay attention to any glass as this will help keep soap scum at bay
  • Leave incandescent lights on after use – although this does not fit in our energy saving natures. If you keep these lights on a little while after use, such as while you are finishing up getting dressed or doing your hair, it will help speed up the drying process

Here are some handy cleaning products that will speed up your efforts:

  • Apply car wax to fiberglass showers – water beads up and falls down immediately
  • Apply Rain-X to glass shower walls and doors – also helps water beading and deflect soap

When it does come time to clean your shower, what should you use?  A mixture of vinegar and water is a natural
solution that won’t cause you to wear a respirator, and is very effective at removing mildew, mold, and killing bacteria.

And remember, when it comes time to finally “throw in the towel” and upgrade your bathroom, contact us and we will help design a space that best suits your needs and budget!