Window Types – Part Two

Welcome back to our second article in a series covering the different types of windows you can have installed in your home. If you are undertaking a home remodeling or renovation project in the near future, be sure to check out this guide to windows.

In our last article (Types of Windows), we covered five different window styles, including: awning windows, bay windows, casement windows, clerestory windows and double hung windows. Below, we follow up this list with the remaining window options for home owners.

Elliptical Windows

Commonly referred to as arched windows, elliptical windows add an terrific architectural element to homes. They are those beautiful “arched” or “radius” style windows you see, typically installed above fixed or double-hung windows to add character to a home.

Fixed Windows

In residential settings, fixed windows are used solely for aesthetic purposes, letting light into the room and allowing for a view of the exterior of the home. This type of window is not meant to be opened and as such, does not add to the home’s airflow.

Hopper Windows

It is perhaps easiest to think of hopper windows as a reverse awning window. With hinges located at the bottom of the window, the top of the window folds down inside of the home. This makes hopper windows ideal for areas where you have limited exterior space, yet want a window that can open. Common places where you can find hopper windows include basements.

Jalousie Windows

Jalousie windows – also known as louvered windows – have fallen out of favor in recent years but were a popular cheap solution in the past. Consisting of slats of glass slats, they operate much like window shades – a hand crank allows you to open or close them in unison. While cheap, they are notoriously energy inefficient and visually unappealing to most home owners today.

Paladian Windows

Another beautiful window type is the paladian, which, like elliptical and bay windows, adds great character to a home. Paladians are made up of three windows, with the middle window standing taller than the other two windows, and having a curved or arched top.

Picture Windows

Picture windows are essentially the same as fixed windows. Their main purpose is to provide light in a room and allow for a view of the outdoors. They do not open, and as such, do not help with airflow.

Slider Windows

Similar in function to double hung windows, slider windows reside on a track, allowing you to open one window at a time by sliding them horizontally. This makes it possible to open the windows without requiring additional exterior space.

Transom Windows

Transom windows are similar in purpose to arched or elliptical windows. They are non-functioning, decorative windows that are typically installed over doors or a set of windows to add character and allow extra light into a room.