Avoid a Home Improvement Disaster

Each year, countless homeowners undertake home improvement projects, such as a kitchen remodel or bathroom renovation. Of that number, inevitably, a certain percentage will suddenly find themselves in the midst of a nightmare. Thankfully, there are tips and advice you can use to avoid a home improvement disaster, and we will share some of them below.

Prevent a Home Improvement Catastrophe

Your home is probably the biggest investment you will make in your lifetime. Like any other investment, your house requires maintenance from time to time, and that maintenance can sometimes come in the form of a remodeling or renovation project. Or, perhaps, as a home addition. No matter what type of home project you require or decide to tackle, there is always the possibility that something can go awry and end up costing you more money than you intended.

One way to prevent a home improvement disaster from occurring is to avoid doing the work yourself. If you have any doubt of your ability to finish a project or do not have experience performing the work, we urge you to hire a construction or build professional. If the project is complicated, requires any potential safety hazards (think electrical work or roofing), or involves more than a simple DIY task, you should definitely contact the professionals.

Not only will a home remodeling pro finish the job correctly and, usually, without causing a major problem, but a good home improvement expert will take your original idea and work with you to make it even better. With years of experience comes a certain wisdom that allows those of us “in the biz” to foresee potential issues before they arise. That experience alone is worth the added cost.

And let’s not forget — if something does go wrong during your do-it-yourself (DIY) project, it could easily cost you more than hiring a professional would.

Another way to avoid a home remodeling nightmare is to make sure you hire the right remodeler. We have many articles on our site about how to interview a home improvement company, and we suggest you read a few before you begin calling companies. Just as a good remodeling agency can complete your home project on budget, a bad contractor can leave you with an unfinished renovation and out thousands of dollars.

Sometimes no matter how diligent you are, a home renovation disaster can occur. Perhaps you have mold hiding behind your walls or the previous owner had a bad contractor complete a project that resulted in structural integrity issues. Because these things can happen, you should always include a contingency budget in your remodeling plan. This is in addition to your regular budget and is usually a minimum of 10 percent of your original budget amount. If you can afford it, however, you should plan for more, just to be safe.

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