Top it: Get to know your options when considering countertop materials

We recently covered the latest in tile trends, which you can check out here. Metallic, industrial concrete and marble, among others, are at the top of our tile list to make over any bathroom or kitchen.

But, what are the differences between countertop options? Make the process of choosing your preferred countertop material easier when you follow our guide that breaks down these popular options.

Popular countertop materials


Granite countertops have been a homeowner favorite for years due to the versatile and sturdy nature of the material. Granite comes in more than 3,000 colors and can withstand high temperatures. The best part about granite countertops is that they are relatively low maintenance and can last you a lifetime.


The latest kitchen design trends show more homeowners choosing quartz countertops over granite ones. With endless color options, quartz gives the look of natural stone without some of its drawbacks. Quartz has risen in popularity because of its scratch-resistant, stain-resistant and low-maintenance nature. 

Engineered Stone

Engineered stone is another fantastic countertop option. This material is scratch, stain and acid resistant, making it extremely easy to care for. Unlike natural stone countertops, engineered stone does not have to be sealed annually. Last, but certainly not least, engineered stone actually comes in an even wider range of colors than granite.

Wood or Butcher Block

For a contrasting look, choose a wood countertop. This option gives the home a warm and beautiful look. Maple and oak are the most popular of the wood countertops and are easy to clean, smooth and can be resealed as needed.

Stainless Steel

If you prefer a more modern and industrial look, stainless steel is a great candidate. Stainless steel is heat resistant, durable and easy to clean. This countertop option is easily customized so it can fit seamlessly into your kitchen plan.


Concrete is another option for homeowners. They are particularly great in homes that may have unusually shaped countertops, as the concrete often is cast right into your kitchen. This material has a unique, industrial look for more daring homeowners. In addition, concrete is heat and scratch resistant and can be color-tinted to your liking.


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